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Do the e-commerce and digital marketing curriculum of Indian B-schools embrace employability skills?

Published Online:pp 178-194

The marketing curriculum must evolve with the changing technological environment and the skills demanded by prospective employers. Management graduates want to earn skills to enhance their prospects of employment. The main purpose of this paper is to evaluate the curriculum of e-commerce, digital and social media marketing management courses studied in the post-graduate management programs of the top 100 National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) listed management Indian institutes/colleges. This paper compared the curriculum with the skills demanded by the companies for entry-level e-commerce and digital marketing jobs. An analysis of program structure and syllabi of digital marketing, e-business/e-commerce and social media marketing was undertaken. Researchers identified the various skills required by the employers through the various job portals like,,, and This study will help Indian institutes to take a fresh look and re-design their program and courses of the e-commerce, digital and social media marketing to make it skill-oriented. This study can be considered as the first serious attempt to evaluate the curriculum of e-commerce, digital and social media marketing offered by Indian management institutes with regards to employability skills demanded by the industry.


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