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Evaluation of the production flow of a Nigerian medium scale manufacturing company using value stream mapping

Published Online:pp 385-400

This paper demonstrates how value stream mapping (VSM), a lean manufacturing tool, can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the production flow of a medium-scale Nigerian company. The data collected at the Gemba (i.e., shop-floor) were brainstormed upon and analysed. VSM was utilised to visualise hidden wastes in the current operation. About 95% waste which was mainly waste due to inventories was found in the current operation of the company. Other wastes identified include waste of waiting time, waste of motion and waste due to defect. With the design of the future state VSM, the lead time of the entire production process was reduced from 111.5 h to 42.7 h. About 6% waste reduction was achieved when the future state VSM was designed. Manufacturers should gear up towards reducing inventory to barest minimum as it constitutes largely to waste and enhances inefficiencies in the production flow line.


lean manufacturing, Gemba, VSM, value stream mapping, production lead time, medium-scale company, waste reduction, Nigeria, waste, inventory, takt time, Kanban pull system, chillers refurbishing company