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Moment-based boundary conditions for lattice Boltzmann simulations of natural convection in cavities

Published Online:pp 216-231

We study a multiple relaxation time lattice Boltzmann model for natural convection with moment-based boundary conditions. The unknown primary variables of the algorithm at a boundary are found by imposing conditions directly upon hydrodynamic moments, which are then translated into conditions for the discrete velocity distribution functions. The method is formulated so that it is consistent with the second order implementation of the discrete velocity Boltzmann equations for fluid flow and temperature. Natural convection in square cavities is studied for Rayleigh numbers ranging from 103 to 108. An excellent agreement with benchmark data is observed and the flow fields are shown to converge with second order accuracy.


Lattice Boltzmann method, LBM, moment-based boundary conditions, natural convection, multiple relaxation times, MRTs, simulation, hydrodynamic moments, discrete velocity distribution, fluid flow, temperature, square cavities