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Drone-based secure communication model for goods collection and delivery: a strategic management perspective

Published Online:pp 350-372

With the advancements in communication and information technologies, the internet of drones (IoD) has become reality. The IoD is gaining rapid popularity and has several applications including drone-based rescue and delivery operations. The drones can communicate with each other and can reach inaccessible or hard access locations like mountain peaks, gulches, riversides, and high-rise fire locations. Drones can boost the business through cheap delivery of goods at destinations in less time as compared to traditional delivery ways. However, without ensuring security, drones can be used for wicked intentions and can affect business growth. Therefore, we intend to design a secure access control scheme for IoD using symmetric-key primitives. The proposed method is more secure and completes the access control process more efficiently with low computation and communication costs and can be used for the collection and delivery of goods more efficiently.


delivery-drone, Industry 40, business growth, security, entrepreneurs, authentication