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An exploration of the Halal food export potential for Bangladesh

Published Online:pp 779-800

The global Halal market has been growing faster compared to other consumer segments in the world, which has created an ample export opportunity for many exporting nations. However, the international trade literature is scarce in explaining the trade potentials of the OIC member countries in this fast-growing market. This paper contributes to the literature by reporting empirical findings of a study that explores the Halal food export potential for Bangladesh in the global Halal market. Our investigation of 21 food and food related export commodities from Bangladesh using FAOSTAT published trade data from 2000 to 2016, finds that Bangladesh has high export potential for expansion of 11 commodities to the global Halal market. This paper concludes with contributions to the literature, policy guidelines for enhancing Halal food export from Bangladesh to this unique market and future directions for further research.


Bangladesh, Halal, trade, Halal market, food, food demand, Halal industry, Halal trade, Muslim consumer