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Policy support to commercialisation and Europe's 'commercialisation gap'

Published Online:pp 212-225

Despite substantial public funding dedicated to enhance the commercialisation and the market uptake of research results (CMU), Europes perceived 'commercialisation gap' vis-à-vis its main competitors has remained substantial. This paper surveys the commonalities of successful commercialisation policy instruments, based on case studies of five European and four non-European CMU policy measures. Five common features are identified: 1) specific policy design; 2) combination of financial support and complementary services; 3) the spanning of several stages of the innovation cycle; 4) virtuous Matthew effect; 5) policy learning. These commonalities ensured that the policy instruments effectively addressed critical weaknesses in countries innovation systems.


commercialisation gap, market uptake, research results, policy measures, case studies, policy support, Europe, commercialisation policy, financial support, complementary services, innovation cycle, virtuous Matthew effect, policy learning, innovation systems