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Enhanced hardness and friction behaviour of 40Cr steel by laser surface texturing after ultrasonic surface rolling

Published Online:pp 202-220

This paper constructs a new type of wear-resistant layer on material surface by laser surface texturing and ultrasonic surface rolling. Different from the traditional anti-wear layer, there is no obvious mechanical property difference between the anti-wear layer and material matrix, which can effectively prevent the anti-wear layer falling off and improve fatigue life of material. Meanwhile, the anti-wear layer can also collect wear debris. A hardening layer is formed on the material surface by ultrasonic rolling, and then the surface texturing is machined on the hardening layer by laser. The friction behaviour of anti-wear layer is studied by friction and wears experiment. The experimental results show that the new anti-wear layer has low friction coefficient and surface roughness. The specimen with laser surface texturing (LST) and ultrasonic surface treatment (USR) has more smaller wear depth under the same conditions.


laser surface texturing, LST, ultrasonic surface rolling, anti-wear layer, friction coefficient, wear depth