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Finding the optimal order of priority for dry port construction: case study in the North of Vietnam

Published Online:pp 597-618

The development of the Vietnam dry port system is facing many difficulties, especially in matters of calling for investment as well as synchronisation in developing transport infrastructure, such as between rail systems and dry port networks. The purpose of this study is to apply multiple-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) to investigate the determinants in prior implementations of dry port construction, as well as find the order of priority for dry port construction in Northern Vietnam. The results indicate that the possibility of transportation cost reduction is the most important factor, followed by the accessibility to highway road infrastructure and to seaports. Phu Dong dry port is indicated as the first port that should be invested in, thanks to its superiority in terms of geography, its ability to connect with the means of transportation as well as other factors, followed by the dry ports of Huong Canh, Lang Son, and Cao Bang.


dry port, multiple-criteria decision analysis, MCDA, fuzzy TOPSIS, fuzzy Delphi, optimal order, Vietnam