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Integrated life cycle management of aggregates quarrying, processing and recycling: definition of a common LCA methodology in the SARMa project

Published Online:pp 327-344

Most of the environmental knowledge, presently used to understand or design sustainable industrial systems, is derived from an application of life cycle assessment (LCA). The mining/quarrying industry is probably one of the sectors where there has been relatively less use of LCA tools, or where LCA has received less consensus. A key issue is the integration between three interdependent life cycles: project, asset and product life cycles. Given the unique features of mining LCAs, this paper presents a common methodology implemented within the EU sustainable aggregates resource management project in order to boost adoption of LCA in the aggregate industry in South Eastern Europe.


mining, minerals, mineral processing, recycling, C&amp, amp, DW, construction and demolition waste, natural aggregates, recycled aggregates, LCA, life cycle assessment, life cycle management, LCM, quarrying, sustainable development, sustainability, asset life cycles, product life cycles, project life cycles, resource management