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The impact of total quality management by mediator's compliance and information technology on education performance in secondary schools Iraq

Published Online:pp 82-101

Total quality management (TQM) plays a significant role in the improvement and development of education performance (EP) in state institutions. There are many problems facing education. First, the lack of TQM implementation in secondary schools has resulted in poor education performance. Second, lack of compliance by stakeholders in the implementation of TQM has exacerbated the issues. Third, poor implementation of information technology (IT) to boost education performance in Iraq necessitated embarking on this research. Fourth, weakness in education performance was another associated problem in Iraqi educational system. This study aims to improve education performance in secondary schools. This study has used Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), SamrtPLS 3, and quantitative survey. There is a significant relationship between TQM and EP, with information technology (IT) and compliance (CO) as mediators in the secondary schools in Iraq.


total quality management, TQM, education performance, compliance, information technology, Iraq