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Secure android covert channel with robust survivability to service provider restrictions

Published Online:pp 27-39

The overarching field of information hiding has been extensively researched. However, the potential for use of smartphones - communicating over cellular service provider networks - has yet to be fully explored. In this paper, we propose Android-Stego - a covert communication framework for Android smartphones. We have presented results analysing real-world cellular service-providers' restrictions on MMS messages and the corrective actions they take using a prototype implementation of Android-Stego. With the prototype implementation, we have also analysed the messages at both the sending and the receiving ends to determine the service providers' actions on MMS messages - such as compression and/or format conversion.


covert communication, information hiding, mobile security, robust security, information secrecy, steganography, Android security, covert channels, service provider restrictions, smartphones, MMS messages, multimedia messaging service