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Measuring service quality: a systematic review of literature

Published Online:pp 24-52

The purpose of this paper is to present a systematic and up-to-the-date review of the extensive research that has been conducted on the conceptualisation and measurement of perceived service quality. Definitions, conceptual models and measurement approaches of perceived service quality are discussed and reflected on. A systematic approach was adopted to critically review the service quality literature from the past 35 years. The comprehensive literature review highlights that service quality has been measured: (i) as both uni-dimensional and multi-dimensional models; (ii) as multi-level hierarchical models and (iii) as customers' lived experiences. A definition of service quality, incorporating emotions, is proposed. The contribution of the paper lies in achieving a more profound understanding of the nature of perceived service quality, which might be of use for both academics and industry. By organising and synthesising the major research streams and the individual studies within them, this paper provides a comprehensive framework not only for future researchers but also for practitioners.


service quality measurement, SERVQUAL, customer experience, lived experiences, literature review, emotions, perceived quality