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Business sustainability in aviation industry in post-COVID era through information technology and triple bottom line perspective

Published Online:pp 43-59

The aviation industry has faced significant challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the industry has shown resilience and adaptability, and there are indications that it will emerge stronger and more sustainable in the post-COVID era. This study's objective is to comprehend and identify sustainability practices that are relevant for the aviation sector. Further, the study also explores information technology as an enabler of sustainability in the aviation sector. The study uses a systematic literature review, published in Scopus, SCI, and ESCI-indexed journals. The study examines the industry's complexity with regard to sustainability and analyses key indicators using complete and reliable data from various stakeholders. The study focuses on social, economic, and environmental sustainability independently and identifies sustainability indicators for each pillar based on the triple bottom line's viewpoints (TBL). By taking into account the three distinct pillars of sustainability, the study expands on previous efforts to identify sustainable practices, applications, and enablers in the aviation sector.


business sustainability, aviation sustainability, triple bottom line, TBL, sustainability, aviation industry