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A systematic review and scientometric analysis of the driving factors of eco-innovation: trends and future research

Published Online:pp 74-105

The present study has systematically reviewed selected existing literature addressing the drivers of eco-innovation to gain an in-depth understanding of the driving factors of eco-innovation. Using the Scopus and Web of Science platforms, 65 articles were selected and examined. A scientometric analysis was conducted to redefine and visualise the existing trends and future research on eco-innovation drivers using the VOSviewer software application. The analysis showed that eco-innovation driving factors were classified into six main drivers. This study has provided the existing body of knowledge with further research which could be conducted on drivers of eco-innovation, such as strategic environmental orientation and normative pressure. The findings of this paper will be valuable for policymakers, practitioners and firms' managers as the present research has developed an in-depth understanding of the driving factors of eco-innovation that can develop their eco-innovation strategies.


eco-innovation, eco-innovation drivers, systematic review, scientometric analysis