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On the reciprocal potential of cultural anthropology and economics: the example of economised cultural work

Published Online:pp 92-102

This paper investigates how cultural anthropology and economics can overcome mutual (and artificial) foreclosure and use their potential reciprocity. As an example of transdisciplinary research, economised cultural work using jazz-festivals and their artistic directors is introduced. In ethnographic case-studies, the tension of ideational and economic values in which artistic directors work and contextualise their strategies in a culture-theoretical and economic discourse is described. As a result, existing financial or personal resources are often inadequate to realise the visions of artistic directors. This paper explains how both disciplines can and should learn about the benefits of overcoming mutual foreclosure to enable economics to become a transformative science.


economic pluralism, transformation, transdisciplinary, cultural anthropology, ethnography, economisation, cultural work, cultural industry research