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Taking advantage of digital opportunities: a typology of digital entrepreneurship

Published Online:pp 290-303

As more companies start doing digital business, the question of how starting a digital venture differs from starting a traditional venture grows more important. We present a framework of digital entrepreneurship that includes a typology of new digital ventures – mild, moderate, and extreme – the characteristics of each type of new digital venture and a discussion of how those characteristics shape the success factors of each type of venture. Specific issues addressed include digital or virtual products and services, digital or virtual workplaces, and the effects of relying on Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC).


digital entrepreneurship, virtual organisations, computer-mediated communication, CMC, virtual teams, e-business, electronic business, e-commerce, electronic commerce, virtual enterprise, digital ventures, success factors, digital products, virtual products, virtual services, digital services, digital workplaces, virtual workplaces