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Optical in situ characterisation of carbon nanotube growth

Published Online:pp 3-17

In situ optical characterisation of carbon nanotube growth is reported. The nanotubes are grown on a micro–scale heater using chemical vapour deposition (CVD). Optical emission is used to characterise the temperature of the small–scale heater prior to and during growth and to monitor any temperature changes due to the interaction of the growing nanotubes with the cold gas atmosphere. In situ Raman spectroscopy is used to monitor the growth of single–walled nanotubes and optical microscopy is used to monitor the real time growth of multi–walled nanotube arrays. There are similarities with normal thermal CVD growth but also significant differences due to the extremely small heated surface area and the cold surrounding environment.


carbon nanotubes, CNTs, microheaters, in situ growth studies, Raman spectroscopy, optical characterisation, chemical vapour deposition, CVD, CNT growth, nanotechnology