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Collaborative networks as incubators of dynamic virtual organisations: a case study of the emerging MAP sector

Published Online:pp 192-216

This research explores development requirements and policy arguments in the emerging medicinal and aromatic plants (MAP) sector. Supported by a reference model adapted from the European Collaborative networked Organisations LEADership (ECOLEAD) project, the creation of a virtual organisation (VO) breeding environment (VBE) is also assessed using a qualitative exploratory case study involving an EPAM (Entrepreneurship-in-MAP project) IT-platform, where data was collected from the EPAM website and from multiple secondary sources. Contributions to practice include the setting of critical success factors, the assessment of management roles and the discussion of the MAP-VBE positioned within the scope of EPAM. While the introduction of a 'neutral mediator' role constitutes a contribution to theory, innovative insights into MAP structuring promotes operations management research on VO incubation/formation in nascent and emerging industry contexts.


collaborative networks, virtual organisations, VO source networks, VO breeding environments, medicinal plants, aromatic plants, MAP, incubators, case study, entrepreneurship, critical success factors, CSFs, management roles, operations management, emerging industries