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Links between research artefacts: use cases for digital libraries

Published Online:pp 133-143

The generation and availability of links between scholarly resources continues to increase. Initiatives to support it - both in terms of a (standard) representation model and accompanying infrastructure for collection and exchange - make this emerging artefact interesting to explore. Its role towards a more transparent, reproducible and, ultimately, richer research context, makes it a valuable proposition for information infrastructures such as Digital Libraries. In this paper, we assess the potential of link artefacts for such an environment. We rely on a public link collection subset of (>4.8 M links), which we represent based on the Linked Data approach that results with a collection of >163.8 M RDF triples. The incorporated use cases demonstrate the usefulness of this artefact in this study. We claim that the adoption of links extends the scholarly data collection and advances the services a Digital Library offers to its users.


research artefact links, digital library, semantic web, Scholix