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Using the compleXity index for improvement work: investigating utilisation in an automotive company

Published Online:pp 3-21

CompleXity index (CXI) is a method that measures perceived production complexity. CXI was applied in the assembly and material-handling department at a manufacturer in the automotive industry, followed by workshops. The aim of the article was, based on the results, to investigate if CXI could be used to capture and transmit a current situation and be used by the operators and managers for improvement work. A high CXI level was measured for most of the production areas. The areas were mainly perceived as complex due to work variance and station design. The workshops revealed that the operators felt identified with the results and thought the method could be used to discuss their situation in detail. [Submitted 01 March 2018; Accepted 14 August 2018]


production complexity, compleXity index, CXI, perceived, automotive industry, improvement work, assembly, operator, managing complexity, utilisation