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The influence of cultural dimensions on lean projects success and barriers

Published Online:pp 151-182

Implementing lean projects harbours relevant difficulties, hence, it is interesting to evaluate whether companies that operate in different cultural context experience the same kind of barriers. Few studies analysed the influence of cultural dimensions on lean projects failure. In this context, this work aims at addressing the existing research gap, trying to answer the following research questions: 1) Do the cultural dimensions influence the perception lean projects' success and lean practices implementation level?; 2) Does the type and level of barriers to lean practices implementation depend on the cultural dimensions? Therefore, the experiences of 171 worldwide companies were collected through a questionnaire and clustered by the cultural dimensions, through a k-means procedure. Two clusters were defined and were compared through Mann-Whitney test, proving a statistically significant difference for lean practices implementation and the majority of lean barriers, both during the start-up and the sustaining phases.


lean projects, lean success, lean barriers, lean implementation, national cultural dimensions, cluster analysis, k-means, Mann-Whitney test