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Portraying managerial dynamic capabilities: a case study in the fast-moving consumer goods industry

Published Online:pp 92-110

This paper presents a case study describing the managerial dynamic capabilities of a firm in the highly competitive fast-moving consumer goods industry and their effects in the performance of the firm and the industry. Managerial dynamic capabilities are processes of managerial decision-making, extending throughout the firm, to determine which particular resources managers identify as strategically important and how they build them. The case study, which was developed with a management team during a period of one year, involved a detailed analysis of the resources perceived strategically relevant and the operating policies aimed at maintaining an adequate balance of the set of key resources. In other words, this paper describes what Winter (2003) defines as 'how we earn our living now' or 'zero-level' capabilities.


dynamic capabilities, managerial capabilities, resource accumulation processes, consumer goods industry, resource-based view, RBV, strategic management, resource-based theory