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The application of drive-by bridge damage detection based on continuous SSMA to the field experimental data

Published Online:pp 310-330

Screening method can be an option for maintaining large number of bridges. However, there is a need to evaluate each bridge at a low cost and high efficiency. This study applies data processing to the vibration data of the vehicle in order to improve efficiency. For example, spatial singular mode angle (SSMA) is an index that shows high sensitivity to a bridge local damage and only requires data obtained on from a vehicle passing the bridge. However, it is necessary to measure the vehicle's location on the bridge precisely as well as the vibrations. The accuracy of the recorded global positioning system (GPS) was lower than required. In this study, SSMA is calculated by shifting the position of the data window and by shifting the window, a SSMA curve is obtained. The SSMA curve shows high repeatability, which means that there is a possibility that the curve can detect damage.


drive-by bridge damage detection, vehicle response analysis, vehicle bridge interaction, singular value decomposition, SVD, spatial singular mode angle, SSMA