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Assessment of the factors of sustainable competitiveness growth of the companies in Latvia and Lithuania

Published Online:pp 510-526

In the context of globalisation and rapid technological changes, competitiveness is closely related to productivity and sustainable competitiveness growth is possible only by the growth in productivity. It follows, that the objective of this article is to assess the growth of sustainable competitiveness in different industries' in Latvia and Lithuania. The following tasks have been implemented, to analyse the theoretical aspects of sustainability, productivity and competitiveness, and to reveal and assess the relationships between competitiveness and productivity. The following methods of analysis are used; an analysis and summary of the scientific literature, the theoretical and practical statements matching methods and analysis of the statistical data, total factor productivity and return on equity. Here are also methods, time and space limitations. The results show, that there is a link between the results of the competitiveness using various productivity assessment methods, but special attention should be given to technologies, innovation use and capital formation.


capital, competitiveness, labour, regression, return on equity, ROE, total factor productivity, TFP, Latvia, Lithuania