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Organisational learning and knowledge creation research: a hotel typologies according to the manager perceptions

Published Online:pp 123-145

This study aims to analyse the relationship between organisational learning and organisational performance, establishing a typology of hotels that give origin of a series of competitive advantages linked to the organisational learning process and deepening the knowledge creation model. In order to achieve the results, a questionnaire has been distributed among the hotel establishments in the Community of Valencia in Spain, performing both an exploratory factorial analysis and a cluster analysis. The results show that hotels which facilitate more organisational learning gain more clients' loyalty and that outsourcing is the most used process by hotels that are related to the knowledge creation. The study has only been applied in the Valencian Community and the information collected comes from the perceptions of senior managers of hotel establishments. Considering the achieved results, it is recommendable that hotels learn from customers' expectations during their stays.


organisational learning, knowledge creation, organisational performance, hotels, contingent factors