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When the Oryx takes off: Doha a new rising knowledge hub in the Gulf region?

Published Online:pp 65-82

With accelerating pace in the past years, Qatar has strategically pushed forward its economic diversification. According to Qatar's long-term development vision, the knowledge-economy is taking a key role within this economic diversification process and the transformation of its capital into a regional as well as global service-hub. This paper aims at identifying emerging knowledge-based patterns that drive the Qatari space economy. We apply a research concept that brings together two different scientific angles: relational economic geography and physical urban development aspects. The results indicate first a subsidiary role for the Qatari knowledge intensive firms within the Gulf region; second their predominant connectivity patterns to Europe and South-East Asia; third as a distinct lack of urban amenities and qualities for knowledge workers.


knowledge economy, Doha, Qatar, Gulf states, advanced producer services, APSs, high technology, urban hierarchy, urban development, economic geography, interlocking network analysis, space syntax, knowledge hubs, economic diversification, knowledge intensive firms, high tech firms, knowledge workers, connectivity patterns, urban amenities