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Published Online:pp 139-157

While material recovery to comply with legal requirements needs only aggregated data, the exploration of economic potentials in product recovery of discarded electronic devices derives benefit from integration in the after-use supply chains. This can be supported by Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems taking advantage of integrated data management. Since recovery planning consists of further planning tasks like the determination of the disassembly level, algorithms for these tasks have to be integrated into the ERP system planning run of the recovery enterprise. Since disassembly planning is an important and unique planning task in product recovery that cannot be addressed by standard ERP functions, a concept for the integration of disassembly planning algorithms for closed-loop supply chains is developed in this paper. The concept is applied to a case study using the common SAP R/3 ERP system.


enterprise resource planning, ERP, closed-loop supply chains, supply chain management, SCM, CLSCM, advanced planning systems, disassembly planning, material recovery, product recovery, electronic devices