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Analysing challenges for internet of things adoption in agriculture supply chain management

Published Online:pp 73-97

Internet of things (IoT) has gained noticed throughout the world. It has changed the agricultural supply chain and permits farmers and food processing organisation to compete with massive issues they face. Currently, IoT is at developing stage for its implementation in agriculture supply chain (ASC). Therefore, purpose of this paper is the identification of critical challenges in IoT adoption for ASC. In this paper technique of order preference similar to ideal solution (TOPSIS) methodology adopted to prioritise the identified challenges. Findings introduce some recent technology in IoT field and also ten critical challenges in IoT adoption. This paper concluded that IoT-based infrastructure for ASC is the most important challenge and IoT-based cloud system is the worst challenge. This paper also has managerial implications for organisation's managers to adopt IoT in the ASC to improve their competitiveness. This paper may be further used in various Industry 4.0 applications.


internet of things, IoT, agriculture supply chain, ASC, TOPSIS, radio frequency identification, RFID