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Wireless multihop communication in sparse Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Published Online:pp 115-125

In Intelligent Transport System (ITS), multiple vehicular mobile nodes cooperate through a wireless communication network. Here, data messages are transmitted along a multihop route with help of intermediate nodes. In an area with sparsely distributed nodes, mobility of a node carrying data messages also helps to achieve higher transmission ratio. This paper proposes a method for message transmission along a sequence of street segments detected by a GPS satellite navigation system. Due to combination of dynamic determination of intermediate nodes and a store-carry-forward method, higher transmission ratio and shorter end-to-end transmission delay are achieved even with high mobility and sparse distribution of nodes.


VANET, vehicle ad-hoc networks, wireless multihop transmission, ad-hoc routing, store-carry-forward, wireless networks, intelligent transport systems, ITS, GPS navigation, global positioning systems, vehicle communications