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Elementary education in Bharat (that is India): insights from a postcolonial ethnographic study of a Gurukul

Published Online:pp 100-120

The education delivered in Bharat1 grapples with the issues of quality in terms of its content, pedagogy and the outcomes. The colonisation of education system subsequently led to the demise of traditional institutions (like Gurukul) of education delivery. Afterwards with the political independence, the government neither could work for the decolonisation of the education nor could it make significant efforts to revive or learn from the Gurukul system. However, a significant number of Gurukuls are still running in the country. This paper takes a post-colonial stance to the education and presents an ethnographic account of one such Gurukul. The propositions are presented based on this account for improvement in the quality of elementary education.


culture, Gurukul, education, ethnography, post-colonialism, Bharat, India