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The rising tide: migration as a response to loss and damage from sea level rise in vulnerable communities

Published Online:pp 258-273

As climate change impacts worsen, losses and damages incurred in both developing and developed countries will continue to increase. While enhancing mitigation and adaptation efforts will influence the level of loss and damage avoided in the future, historical emissions have 'locked in' a certain level of climate change, making some residual losses and damages inevitable. Loss and damage from slow onset processes like sea level rise will ultimately require some communities and, in some cases, entire countries to relocate. Through examples from Kiribati and Alaska this paper will highlight the complexity involved in migrating and relocating and recommend interventions for easing the resettlement process.


loss and damage, slow onset processes, sea level rise, climate change impact, migration, relocation, resettlement, adaptation, Alaska, Small Island Developing States, SIDS, Kiribati, non-economic losses, culture, vulnerability, vulnerable communities