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Effect of diethyl-ether on emission and exergy analysis of neem-oil-based biodiesel fuelled diesel engine

Published Online:pp 208-224

This investigation presents the impact of 'diethyl-ether (DEE)' on exergy parameters, and emission concentrations for NEEM45 fuelled small DI diesel engine. Diethyl-ether has been used as an oxygenated improver. DEE is mixed in NEEM45 (neem biodiesel 45% + 55% diesel) in proportions of 5%, 10%, and 15% by vol% basis. The impact of DEE on exergy analysis of diesel engine has been carried out in this investigation. Engine out emissions, namely NOx, CO, HC, and smoke opacity, are measured. Experimental results indicate a significant decline in NOx, CO and improved exergetic efficiency. The exergetic efficiency is increased by 6.8%, which indicates the lower exergy destruction. NOx emission is significantly reduced by 56% as compared to that of NEEM45 without DEE. The experimental results show that exergy parameters and emission characteristics improved with 15% DEE addition.


diethyl-ether, DEE, exergy destruction, exergetic efficiency, neem biodiesel, exergy distribution, NOx emission, smoke opacity