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Optimal criteria based on the ecological function of an irreversible intercooled regenerative modified Brayton cycle

Published Online:pp 90-107

The optimal criterion of an irreversible regenerative intercooled modified Brayton cycle heat engine based on the ecological function is presented in this paper. The ecological function defined as the power output minus the dissipation due to irreversibility has been optimised with respect to the cycle temperatures and the optimum performance parameters are calculated for a typical set of operating conditions. It is found that there are optimal values of the intercooling and cycle pressure ratios as well as the turbine outlet temperature at which the cycle attains the maximum performance but the optimal values of these parameters are different for different cycle parameters such as the intercooling and cycle pressure ratios, turbine outlet temperature, etc. Moreover, the design problems of some important parameters are discussed in detail, and consequently, the optimum criteria for the intercooling and cycle pressure ratios and the turbine outlet temperature are obtained.


intercooling, irreversibility, isothermal heat addition, modified Brayton cycle, optimum design, regeneration, heat engine, ecological function, turbine outlet temperature, thermodynamic analysis, parametric study