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Mathematical programming approach for optimal allocation in the wastewater management

Published Online:pp 192-200

Water is a valuable natural resource with very high importance, specifically in areas with water shortage. During the previous years, the limitations in water availability in various areas make the solution of water problems actually crucial and significant. The objective and the aims of the present work are: 1) to make a short review of the operations research methods that are used to solve water resources management problems; 2) proposed a new mathematical approach for solving allocation problem; 3) to examine the basic ideas and proposed solution with the help of the real life problem in the water resource management. More exactly, the basic idea of the project is the development and implementation of an optimisation model that selects the quantities of water to be supplied from various sources and the quantities of water to be allocated to various users with the condition that each water capacity allocated to each user in order to optimise the total water availability, taking into account priorities in the demand and use of the resource, as well as sustainability considerations.


water resources management, water supply, assignment problem, optimal allocation