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The impact of environmental determinants of sustainable agriculture on country food security

Published Online:pp 289-305

The Food Security Index (consists of 19 indicators) was developed to assess the impact of environmental determinants on the state of food security. The formation of the integral index was carried out using principal component analysis. The proportions of the inclusion of each of the 19 indicators are based on the eigenvalues of the 1st principal component that explains 48.37% of the variation. Identification of the environmental factors influence on the Food Security Index was carried out using panel data regression analysis (random-effect GLS regression) for the sample of 28 post socialistic countries for the period 2000-2016. Empirical results reveal a statistically significant positive effect of most ecological determinants of sustainable agro-management on food security. While the impact of growth in coal use for electricity and fossil fuels is insignificant. However, the increase in the consumption of electricity and growth of unproductive energy losses negatively affects the food security.


sustainable agriculture, global development goals, panel data regression analysis, principal component analysis, PCA, food security