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Fostering collaborative interactions between universities and industry for technology transfer

Published Online:pp 360-378

The diffusion of technology and licensing agreements between universities and industry impacts the application of research results, creating wealth and opportunities for those involved in technology transfer processes. University technology transfer offices (TTOs) work with researchers and businesses to bring new technologies to market. Data was collected through a semi-structured survey to gain a deeper understanding of the interactions and factors that contribute to licensing agreements in Portuguese university TTOs. The most frequent interactions were identified, including meetings with researchers to explore the innovation potential of their work, discussions with companies to develop new projects, contacts with companies known by researchers, and researchers' connections with R&D professionals from companies, which are decisive to securing licensing agreements. The results were analysed using a descriptive and inferential testing approach, using the Wilcoxon text, offering insights into the interactions leading to successful technology transfer agreements.


intellectual property rights, university-industry, technology transfer, licensing agreements