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A numerical-experimental approach for the simulation of tube bending processes

Published Online:pp 188-198

A finite element (FE) numerical-experimental procedure was defined to take into account the real material properties of a tube under bending, as nominal data or data extracted by other specimens could be erroneous. Axial and transverse compression tests were performed on portions of an aluminium alloy tube and a reverse procedure was used to extract the correct values of the material plastic properties. Subsequently, these properties were implemented in an FE model for the simulation of a ram bending process and the numerical results were experimentally validated. The proposed numerical-experimental procedure provides a fast tool to increase accuracy in the numerical simulation of tube bending. As a result, the effect of the clearance between the bended tube and the ram was easily identified and investigated.


tube bending, FEM, finite element method, aluminium alloys, ram bending, numerical modelling