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The use of blogs as organisational learning tools within project-based environments

Published Online:pp 131-146

This paper sets out to examine the suitability of blogs as organisational learning tools within project-based organisations. Three distinct yet interrelated issues are covered. Firstly, the applicability of blogs as a potential learning tool within project-based organisations is discussed. Secondly, the association between blogs and the concept of organisational learning is clarified. Thirdly, the question of whether blogs have the means to allow an organisation to transform itself into a learning organisation is assessed. Due to fact that there is an apparent lack of empirical research in relation to blogs, this paper also outlines an empirical research study by the authors involving the use of blogs within a project-based organisation and presents the research questions, methodology, objectives and research techniques of the study. It is hoped that the significance of this study in attempting to bridge the gap between theory and practice of organisational learning may be seen as an important contribution to the organisational learning literature. The progression of the discipline of organisational learning is dependent upon such unique empirical studies that illustrate various approaches towards its facilitation within diverse organisational settings.


organisational learning, learning organisations, blogs, weblogs, project-based organisations, project-based environments