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Image deblurring method based on feature fusion SRN

Published Online:pp 234-245

This article proposes a SRN algorithm of feature fusion to solve the problem of image motion blur. First, an Attention Residual Module (ARM) is designed to add channel attention between residual units to increase feature extraction capabilities. Second, a feature pyramid structure is constructed to improve the representation ability of the network. Then, a multi-scale coordinate attention feature fusion structure is built to improve the deblurring effect of the model. Finally, optimising the loss function improves the robustness of model to discrete points and increases the stability of the model. The testing is performed on the GOPRO dataset. Our algorithm is the best, with PSNR and SSIM reaching 34.72 dB and 0.97. Tested on the foreign object data set, the PSNR and SSIM of our algorithm have been greatly improved, and compared with other methods, it has a great advantage in detailed texture recovery.


motion image deblurring, feature pyramid network, attention residual module, multi-scale fusion, loss optimisation