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Extracting Protein-Protein Interactions from MEDLINE using the Hidden Vector State model

Published Online:pp 64-80

A major challenge in text mining for biomedicine is automatically extracting protein-protein interactions from the vast amount of biomedical literature. We have constructed an information extraction system based on the Hidden Vector State (HVS) model for protein-protein interactions. The HVS model can be trained using only lightly annotated data whilst simultaneously retaining sufficient ability to capture the hierarchical structure. When applied in extracting protein-protein interactions, we found that it performed better than other established statistical methods and achieved 61.5% in F-score with balanced recall and precision values. Moreover, the statistical nature of the pure data-driven HVS model makes it intrinsically robust and it can be easily adapted to other domains.


information extraction, hidden vector state model, protein-protein interactions, PPIs, bioinformatics, MEDLINE, text mining, biomedical literature