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The mediating role of self-efficacy in the impact of schools' rewarding practices on teachers' job performance

Published Online:pp 392-409

Today, increasing competition conditions push organisations to use their resources more effectively and to achieve high performance. Obtaining high performance from human resources, which has recently been shown as a critical resource that creates synergy for organisations, gives organisations a sustainable competitive advantage. From this point of view, increasing motivation and achieving high performance through rewarding practices is especially important in public schools, because teachers are educating qualified human resources, that is, students. This research aims to reveal the mediating role of teachers' self-efficacy in the effect of schools' rewarding practices on teachers' job performance in public schools. According to the findings of the research conducted with 516 teachers working in Mersin public schools, rewarding practices have a positive effect on the job performance of teachers and their self-efficacy has a full mediation role in this effect.


job performance, rewarding, self-efficacy, teachers