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Current applications of a reference framework for the supply chain performance measurement

Published Online:pp 206-225

Several methods and indicators are used to measure logistic performances; thus sometimes there are various values for the same performance. This paper starts examining the structure for a supply chain performance measurement according to the service quality requirements, and determines an ordered framework for logistic indicators called LogistiQual, applying the various aspects of service quality management, which is included in the Parasuraman-Zeithaml-Berry (PZB) model, to logistics. By adapting the PZB model, the logistic performance classification for a manufacturing supply chain could be identified by macroclasses and divided into subclasses, and finally specific indicators for each subclass determined. The second step of this work is to enlarge the influence of the model on the supply chain. In this sense, the LogistiQual is replicated in the Self and in the Source LogistiQual. Finally, two validations of the framework are shown. Firstly, a general process analysis performed by SCOR 6.0 is considered. Secondly, the LogistiQual is tested within companies in many industrial sectors.


performance measurement, supply chains, supply chain performance, performance indicators, service quality evaluation, customer service, logistics, supply chain management, SCM, quality management