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Semantic web-based profiled knowledge discovery in community of practice

Published Online:pp 256-270

The current economical environment is subject to a continuing pressure to innovate and evolve the momentary equilibrium. In this scenario, knowledge plays a fundamental role in supporting continuous innovation; creating, protecting, diffusing and applying knowledge is a key element in the companies' strategy. A lot of approaches and techniques exist in the knowledge management field, but studies on concrete scenarios are showing that good results can be obtained only by combining 'coordination' and 'cooperation' actions. This paper introduces the semantic profiled knowledge base (SPKB), a system supporting competencies management. Profiling user's competencies, the system implement a service guiding the user in querying the database. But competencies are not viewed as a static asset. A data quality refinement process is activated by collecting feedbacks provided by the user. This way, the system can take advantage of both coordinative and cooperative actions.


semantic web, knowledge management, KM, collaborative working, ontology, recommendation systems, knowledge discovery, competencies management