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Critical success factors in ERP implementation in Indian manufacturing enterprises: an exploratory analysis

Published Online:pp 404-424

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation projects involve complex processes which influence operations and performance of companies. It is essential to identify critical success factors (CSFs) of ERP implementation projects out of several contributing factors. In most large original equipment manufacturer (OEM) organisations, ERP systems have replaced legacy information systems with integrated and maintainable software. In an attempt to understand what the CSFs are, why they are critical, and to what extent they are relevant to such OEM organisations this paper explores the existing literature empirically to research the CSFs that lead to the success of ERP, which is our basic objective. We conducted exploratory factor analysis (EFA) in the context of ERP implementation in large manufacturing organisation. The findings of the results provide valuable insights for the researchers, practitioners and managers interested in adopting ERP systems in similar environments, which is also an objective of our research.


enterprise resource planning, ERP, critical success factors, CSF, exploratory factor analysis, EFA