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The study of competitiveness of tourism in Cape Verde: the case of clusters of St. Anthony/São Vicente and Sal/Boavista

Published Online:pp 292-315

The study of competitiveness has been the centre of attention of many tourism researchers in recent decades. However, studies focused on empirical validation competitiveness models in the world in general, and in Cape Verde in particular, are still shortfall. In this sense, this research aims to analyse the determinants of competitive advantage of tourism clusters formed by four islands in this country. To this end, it was adopted a methodology that required the use of a semi-structured questionnaire, based on Porter's competitiveness diamond model and data processing was operationalised by Mann Whitney test. The results from the application of this model indicate the tourist competitive performance of tourist destinations in study, allowing to complete theoretical and empirical implications, as well as resulting implications for its management.


Cape Verde, competitiveness, globalisation, Porter's diamond model, sustainability, tourism