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Investigating the impact of total quality management practices and Six Sigma processes to enhance the quality and reduce the cost of quality: the case of Dubai

Published Online:pp 94-109

The application of the TQM and Six Sigma in the plastic industry in Dubai is known for its commitment to quality products and competitive prices, making Dubai a world shopping destination in the world of plastics. Literature confirms the efficacy of TQM and Six Sigma to achieve quality and cost/price, efficiencies, competitiveness, consumer satisfaction and profitable businesses. The study results reveal among other things, almost a 1:1 relationship between TQM and Six Sigma, which would enable companies to carefully plan for their quality and costs in order to achieve total commitment to quality. The policy implication is to introduce the booming environmental factor into TQM and Six Sigma dynamics and calculus.


total quality management, TQM, Six Sigma processes, quality, cost of quality, COQ