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Roadmap for business analytics implementation using DIPPS model for sustainable business excellence: case studies from the multiple fields

Published Online:pp 308-334

Today the organisations are increasingly adopting analytics for breakthrough business results. There are enough talks about potentials of business analytics, software solutions on analytics and data visualisations. However, very few success stories are published and easily available in public domain. The focus is required to translate potentials of analytics into the breakthrough business results. This paper proposes discover-innovate-predict-perform-sustain (DIPPS) model for the business excellence through analytics. It also presents success stories of big data analytics and industrial internet of the things (IIoT) from the multiple fields for the breakthrough business results. The hypothesis testing indicates that the organisations deploying the DIPPS model have higher success rate and the probability of achieving their analytics goals.


artificial neural network, ANN, business analytics, business excellence, Delphi method, discover- innovate- predict- perform- sustain model, DIPPS, hypothesis testing, F-test and t-test, industrial internet of the things, IIoT, logistic regression model, multiple regression model