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Agro-tech ontology: a solution for accelerating agricultural productivity in the state of Rajasthan, India

Published Online:pp 2-22

The developmental gaps of agriculture between regions require a deeper understanding in India. This study examines inter-district disparities in agricultural development in terms of labour productiveness and analyses agricultural productivity, mechanisation, and technological aspects. This study uses historical data of 33 districts from 1990 to 2014 of Rajasthan in India and discuses the problems associated with agriculture development in the State. A declining land-labour ratio in the underdeveloped districts is examined along with the increasing number of agriculture workers, agricultural inputs, cropped area, total irrigated area, cropping intensity, and rainfall. The study proposes an agro-tech ontology (ATO) to disseminate the information needed to the agriculture workers in Rajasthan. Policy implications are discussed which will be useful for Rajasthan, India.


agriculture, productivity, agro-tech ontology, ATO, regional, disparities, inter-district, labour