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Modified SVPWM technique for a sensorless controlled induction motor drive using neural network observer and predictive controller

Published Online:pp 172-189

The use of multi-level inverter in a sensorless control scheme increases reliability in state parameter estimation. In this paper, sensorless control is presented using a neural network observer that uses the direct and quadrature current and voltage components for speed estimation. Distortion in current and voltage will result in deviations in speed estimation. In order to address the problem, this paper presents a modified space vector modulation scheme for sensorless control of induction motor drive fed by a multi-level inverter. The modulation scheme uses lesser switching states and is employed on a cascaded H-bridge inverter configuration. This results in reliable speed estimation by reducing distortion in current and voltage measurement. Moreover the paper uses predictive controller for speed control. Simulation is carried out in MATLAB and results show improved performance of sensorless operation.


induction motor, predictive controller, neural network observer, sensorless vector control, SVPWM