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An empirical study about knowledge transfer, entrepreneurial orientation and performance in family firms

Published Online:pp 534-557

Intraorganisational relationships promote the transfer of knowledge which may generate new perspectives in the company. This research studies the effect of knowledge transfer in the development of entrepreneurial orientation and its influence on performance, as well as the interaction effect of the family influence. We have used a structural equation modelling technique (Partial Least Squares) to analyse such relationships. The study was carried out in firms belonging to Regional Associations of Family Businesses. Our results show that knowledge transfer has a positive and significant effect on entrepreneurial orientation, which in turn influences business performance. Family influence has a moderating effect by strengthening the relationship between knowledge transfer, entrepreneurial orientation and performance. This study provides a theoretical and empirical basis for further studies on knowledge management and entrepreneurship in family firms.


family firms, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial orientation, knowledge management, knowledge transfer, family influence, SEM, structural equation modelling, PLS, partial least squares, moderating effect, firm performance, family business